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TYPO3 Coaching

Learn and deepen your knowledge in personal one-on-one training. I will help you as a TYPO3 beginner to solve a specific problem or task in a LIVE session. I will explain my approach and solution to you.

How does a TYPO3 coaching work for me?

Step 1 - Send me your wishes

Contact me and tell me your goals for your private training. We can go through all topics (from editing to development) that interests you in TYPO3.

We can hold the training in German or English.

Step 2 - I'll make you an offer

I read your wishes carefully and create a learning plan on this basis.

I will then send you a non-binding and offer for free.

Step 3 - You accept the offer

If you agree to the learning plan and offer, then you confirm this with a simple e-mail, and we will schedule the online sessions.
Each session will last a maximum of 3 hours, because in my experience, concentration starts to drop after that.

The number of sessions varies from person to person.

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My way of programming in TYPO3

I develop TYPO3 Extensions in a local or hidden and protected online environment.

My preference is a manually installed TYPO3 environment. For the local environment, however, I rely on DDEV and a composer-based TYPO3 environment.

Code testing

I test my extensions manually in an IP restricted debug preset.

If it makes sense or is desired, I would be happy to switch to test-driven development via PHP Unit. Or create PHPUnit tests if the project scope makes it necessary.

Version Control

I version control my projects with GitHub and have clients where the projects are version controlled on a Subversion server.

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TYPO3 Development

I'm a senior TYPO3 full-stack developer specializing in the conversion of HTML5/PSD/EPS templates into TYPO3 templates.

In addition, I create individual frontend plugins, custom content elements and backend modules for TYPO3.

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TYPO3 Consulting

I advise companies, sole traders or private individuals on all topics related to the TYPO3 CMS.

What types of counseling do I offer?

CMS Decision Making

If you or your company is faced with the decision of whether to use TYPO3 or another CMS, then I can make a recommendation relatively quickly on this question.

Include TYPO3 in the portfolio

Would you like to include TYPO3 as another CMS in your portfolio?

Then I can plan a clear strategy with you on how you can achieve this most effectively.

You don't know what or how to implement something in TYPO3?

I can help you with my experience and show you how to ideally implement certain tasks in TYPO3. I suggest these ways that fit your budget.

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The best TYPO3 hosting providers

I can give you a small selection of good TYPO3 hosts and you decide which one you choose.

No time or desire for server bells and whistles?

If you don't have the time or desire to take care of the hosting yourself, then you've come to the right place.

I take care of everything and am the interface between you, your website and the best hosting provider. I only work with fast and reliable hosting providers. The servers are all located in Germany or Europe. This means you won’t have any problems with the GDPR.

TYPO3 Webhosting

TYPO3 Hosting

I have tried out many hosting providers and managed many TYPO3 projects and know what is important. I can give you a clear recommendation when it comes to hosting TYPO3 projects cost-effectively and efficiently.

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