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I have designed 3 online courses for TYPO3 newcomers.

Unfortunately, I have only one for English-speaking persons yet. If you want to see the german ones, then please switch the language with the switcher inside the footer.

Each of these online courses has a clear learning plan and shows you the most important elements in TYPO3 so that you can start your first TYPO3 projects.

All online courses are playable anywhere on any device and come with a money-back guarantee.

This allows you to make a small and risk-free investment in your TYPO3 future.

Nowhere will you become a TYPO3 developer faster than through my courses.

Picture of Udemy course Bild zum Udemykurs Extensionentwicklung in TYPO3 8.7
Best course for beginners

Extension Development with TYPO3 CMS V8.7.x

This course is the perfect online course for beginners in TYPO3 extension development. You will learn everything you need to know about Extbase and Fluid in order to be able to implement any project in TYPO3. For example, you will learn to write frontend plugins, backend modules and scheduler tasks.

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