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About Me

TYPO3 Developer & 
TYPO3 Instructor

I have been working with the TYPO3 CMS for over 10 years, with a focus on the implementation of web templates and the programming of TYPO3 extensions.

I also help TYPO3 beginners to implement websites in TYPO3. Not only that, but I have created various online courses for this and also give private lessons via remote sessions.

The content of the private TYPO3 coaching is individually coordinated and prepared with the customer, i.e. you. These sessions are all about solving your TYPO3 problems or tasks.

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TYPO3 Coaching

I help newcomers in an online remote session, via Google Meet or TeamViewer, to solve a specific problem or specific task.

TYPO3 Development Illustration

TYPO3 Development

I convert HTML5 templates or page templates from PSD, AI or EPS into TYPO3 templates.

TYPO3 Consulting Illustration

TYPO3 Consulting

You want to include the TYPO3 CMS in your portfolio?

Then I would be happy to advise you on the best and fastest way to do it.

My Projects

TYPO3 Courses For Beginners

Affordable, accessible anytime, anywhere thanks to Udemy.

I help TYPO3 beginners, whether they are career changers or web developers, to reduce the training time to a few hours.

You only need 3 courses and you can start your projects or those of your customers.

TYPO3 Templates

The most beautiful and simple TYPO3 templates

The TYPO3 templates from T3 Templates are professional and inexpensive page templates.

They are all very close to the TYPO3 core and are therefore perfect as a basis for your own themes.

T3 Advertising

Manage your advertising material and campaigns in the TYPO3 CMS.

T3 Advertising is a free TYPO3 extension for managing your own advertising material on your TYPO3 website.

Advertising zones can be placed as content elements and click statistics can be viewed in the backend.

My commissioned work

Manage your advertising material and campaigns in the TYPO3 CMS.

As a TYPO3 full-stack developer, I also work as a freelancer and do all the work in the TYPO3 CMS.

So that you can get an impression of my practical experiences, I write selected projects in a blog-like style on my projects subpage.

That's what my customers say

Everything very easy to understand. The best IT course I've taken on Udemy so far.
As a beginner, the course gives me exactly the right mix of challenging and encouraging. I learn a lot without being left behind. The lecturer is pleasant, responds quickly to questions.
The lecturer is great and the content is well prepared. The mixture of watching the video, reading texts with background knowledge and practical tests are totally awesome.

Are you ready to work with me?

info@slavlee.de or via my contact form.